Thursday, February 09, 2012

Word in Season

Recently the Lord has sent LifeTree a dear woman in the Faith. Mary Ann is truly a spiritual mother in the body of Christ. She has been such to Juli and me since about 1996. We are so excited to have her as a part of the LifeTree family!
A few weeks ago, in her prayer time, she wrote a word the Lord had given to her. It is so profound, a word in season. I believe it is for all of LifeTree. I have asked for her permission to share it with you:
I will cause you to break through any demonic opposition. Through your prayers to Me, My Power can flow. Never forget that My Word and My Holy Spirit are your source of Power. Stand strong in Me and in the Power of My Might. I am a Mighty Man of War and I will fight your battles for you. You can depend on My Power and Direction. I will be the Strength of your life.
Meditate upon My Word. Speak forth My Word with your mouth. I am the source of all Victories and Breakthroughs. My Word contains Wisdom and Strategies for your warfare. As you study My Word, I will lead you forward to Liberty and Victory over every demonic force that comes against you. As you call upon me, I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know.
- Your Father God
Be encouraged!!