Monday, December 17, 2007

My Daughter

The following is a Personal Mission Statement my daughter wrote in health class. It really touches my heart.

I will remain an intangible constant
A stone
Rooted into the richest, deepest places of the Earth
Always facing the Son
Reflecting His light
Dividing to find the Only One
Living a Ferocity
A passion untapped
The reservoir of Life inside of myself
A loyalty falling and unfailing
Two nail-pierced hands lift every wound and fight just to stand between
No one else but the Only One can fulfill to entirety
I am nothing, nothing without Him
A void less empty but still untaken
Surrounded but ignorant until That Day
The Day I stepped from complacency and self
To His embrace
To feel the rush and take part in its Fury
Fueling its ardor to conceal a Greater Plan
It’s all I’ll breathe for
A choice I make
I’ll stand behind so He can stand between
The choice He made
I won’t be insulting
I give in to His tides
His love like the ocean shore
I feel it recede but it’s really only me
It’s my push-away gravity
I clutch at the foam to see it dissolve in my hands
It fills me up
I ask for His fullness so I can pour out where my feet fall
Where they touch the ground
When they touch the Earth
They fall into it to try to find their Maker
When He’s always just beside them.